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    • Mutoh ValueJET 2638X 104 in Large Format Color Printer

      Date / 10/02/2019

      US $1-20 The Never Say “Never” Again Color Printer!You won't need to turn away another customer just because you don't have the right machine for the job. Great Speed, Superb Print Quality! Get the best of both worlds with the ValueJet 2638, which combines eight feet of printing width wit...

      Related Keywords: digital printer

    • Mimaki CJV300-130 Plus

      Date / 10/02/2019

      US $1-20 A new function "ID Cut function" that enables continuous cutting operation to be performed automatically is adopted. The "ID Cut function" is the function that automatically scans printed-out register marks with ID, then reads and cuts cut data. While any operators scanned regis...

      Related Keywords: digital printer

    • Panasonic CM402 CM602 12/16mm feeder with sensor KXFW1KS6A00

      Date / 05/24/2018

      US $1-20 SELL NEW AND USED PANASONIC CM402 CM602 NPM FEEDER PANASONIC CM402 CM602 NPM FEEDER: N610117446AE 4mm with sensor N610136725AA 8mm 0201 N610136726AA 8mm 0201 N610031080AA 8mm 0201 KXFW1KS5A00 8mm with sensor KXFW1KSBA00 8mm without sensor KXFW1KS6A00 12mm 16mm with sensor...

      Related Keywords: Panasonic CM602 Feeder, KXFW1KS6A00, feeder with sensor KXFW1KS6A00

    • voltage monitor recorder

      Date / 01/19/2018

      US $1-20 �HRJDT-604�voltage�monitor� recorder,�voltage�levels�are�100V,�2 20V,�380V�three�types. � 2.1�St andard� Voltage�Monitoring�Recorder�using�� �� �� �� ��...

      Related Keywords: voltage monitor

    • Intelligent Transformer empty load loss tester HVBCD

      Date / 01/19/2018

      US $1-20 This type of test set is used for monitoring the actual qualities of the off the line and the ongoing power transformers. It can be the spot test for the unloaded and loaded loss characteristic of the transformers. At the same time, it can meet the measurements of the related parameters including t...

      Related Keywords: Intelligent Transformer

    • Intelligent electrical parameters measuring instrument

      Date / 01/19/2018

      US $1-20 The tester can measure the no-load of the transformer, and the active current (voltage) value, power factors of the short-circuit experiment at the same time with computer controlling, digital display, synchronous samples in avoid of many traditional shortages. Features: 1. Converting automatic...

      Related Keywords: Intelligent electrical

    • Automatic variable than the group Tester

      Date / 01/19/2018

      US $1-20 This type of equipment can be used to test the transformation ratio, the polarity, the bracket and the inaccuracy of the single-phase or three phase transformers. The key technical indexes: The measuring range of the transformation ratio: 1-10000 Bracket: 1-12 point Accuracy of measurement: &p...

      Related Keywords: Automatic variable

    • Transformer winding characteristics of deformation tester HVBRT

      Date / 01/19/2018

      US $1-20 � his type of instrument is adopted by introduction of foreign technology and the latest nondestructive examination equipment of the power transformer internal fault. It is used for confirming the degree of the deformation of transformer internal winding which is the important method of the pre...

      Related Keywords: Transformer winding

    • lectrical transformer of automatic comprehensive test-bed HVBT

      Date / 01/19/2018

      US $1-20 This Comprehensive Test-bed is specialized in taking on the project system engineering construction of the power transformer standard testing house. It is responsible for the upgrade and reconstruction of the technical equipment as a general contractor from planning programming, producing, installat...

      Related Keywords: lectrical transforme

    • Quick test for DC Resistance (1 A-80A) HVZT(1A-80A)

      Date / 01/19/2018

      US $1-20 � It is used for testing DC resistances of transformers, motors, instrument transformers and other equipments� (the speed of the test is fast, the results can be showed and printed) The main technical indexes: Measurement accuracy:�0.2% Resolution:1μΩ ...

      Related Keywords: DC Resistance

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